Saturday, March 10, 2012


I found my iPod charger.

I swear, I never charge my iPod. It's a shuffle and I plug it in once in a while to switch songs around or to put some podcasts on in yet another failed attempt to be educated and seem well-read. That's the only time it gets power, but I guess that's enough. I only use it when I run, which is about once a week these days (because I only run on weekends because I don't like to run in the dark and I live in Denmark which means it's dark by the time I get home from work during the week), and when I'm on an airplane, which in my life is frequently but it's been a good 3 weeks at least since I've ridden one.

Last weekend I attempted to go running but I wasn't really feeling it and my iPod died after about 15 mins so I called it a day and went home and probably ate cookies or something. I couldn't find my charger and tore apart my room (i.e. my top dresser drawer and my backpack because the's the only two places I would have put it), still didn't find it, and forgot about it until today. In at attempt to be rational I thought back to when the last time I *saw* my charger was, and I decided it was when I went to Norway for a glorified ski trip masquerading as a research center symposium retreat (good times were had by all). I packed it in case I wanted to change the songs or add some podcasts for the airplane ride (I didn't, and didn't). Sure enough, it was in the side pocket of my backpack (not my "go to school" backpack which is where I looked the first time, but my "I'm going to go backpack Europe" backpack which is what I generally bring when I travel because it holds a lot and is comfortable, despite the fact that it makes me look like a "backpacker" which is a group of people I generally despise, despite being one on occasion).

I don't see why you would possibly care about this. *I* don't even care about this (well apparently I care enough to write 2 paragraphs, but now that they are done I don't even care enough to proofread them*). I can't even remember why I started writing this except maybe to tell everyone that I asked if they had a charger for an iPod shuffle that I could borrow that I am no longer in need of their services. I would contact the individuals except I can't remember who and how many people I actually asked. It was probably like 3 because honestly I didn't put that much effort into it. Although I did draw this gem** for one of my friends when we were trying to figure out over email whether or not he had the same kind of iPod as I did:

Coming soon: The exciting story of how this technological wonder of a music player came to be in my possession (hint: I didn't buy it).

*Just as I finished that sentence I noticed that I wrote "possible" instead of "possibly" and I fixed it.
**Yes, I realize it took more time to draw that than it would have taken to Google "iPod shuffle" and send him the first link that came up in the image results...

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